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Client Focused – Results Driven

Effective legal representation begins with understanding a client’s goals. At EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC we build our strategy around each client’s values rather than forcing them into a predetermined template. For both businesses and individuals, our highest priority is maintaining mutually beneficial relationships and understanding the objectives of those we serve. In an ever-changing landscape, we strive to remain nimble and adaptive to client needs.

Woodstock lawyers committed to providing exemplary service

Strong legal counsel can mean the difference between a favorable outcome and one that falls short. With a free 30-minute phone consultation, we can explain how our advocacy offers you a distinct advantage.

Skilled litigators for a wide range of Georgia disputes

EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC represents individuals and businesses in the Atlanta area in practice areas such as:

  • Business litigation — Even in the most complex cases, our business litigation advocacy helps companies to overcome disputes and focus on what’s most important.
  • Civil litigation — EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC skillfully handles many types of civil litigation matters in state and federal courts.
  • Collection and consumer law — We have a detailed understanding of collection and consumer law and assist in the enforcement of creditors’ and consumers’ rights in debt disputes.
  • Divorce and family law — EVINS · OLIVER · HUGHES LLC is dedicated to providing a personalized approach to each and every client and his or her family law matter whether that is an aggressive advocate preparing for trial or an informative counselor assisting in settlement.

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