Child Custody Lawyer is a person who is usually an attorney or lawyer who helps with legal matters involving the rights of children. They can be court appointed or hired by parents themselves. They are also used in cases where child custody agreements have been created without their knowledge and they are trying to enforce them. On occasion, Child Custody Lawyer will act as the guardian of children in need due to parental impairment.

Duties of Child Custody Lawyer Clayton MO

It’s the duty of a reliable Child Custody Lawyer Clayton MO to do the following:

  1. Protect the legal rights of children

The Child Custody Lawyer is supposed to protect the children’s rights in court and testifies in court to support their need for custody or protection.

  1. Protect the best interest of children

The Child Custody Lawyer must make sure that children are treated fairly and that all measures were taken to ensure their welfare, including protecting them from potential abuse by one parent against another.

  1. Help the parties navigate through a legal process

In the case of child custody agreements without parents’ knowledge, the Child Custody Lawyer must help make sure that both parents understand what they’re signing and help them navigate through the legal process by contacting attorneys or telling them what steps need to be taken next.

  1. Represent the parties in court

In order to do this, the Child Custody Lawyer must make sure that both parties are represented fairly and have equal access to their attorney through their case. Parents have the right to hire their own attorney if they so choose.

  1. Represent children in court proceedings as necessary

In some cases, children may need representation by a lawyer when they are involved with child custody cases or child protective services investigations. The Child Custody Lawyer is responsible for ensuring that children receive representation if they so choose or when they need it, such as when they testify against one of their parents or ask for help from Child Protective Services (CPS) in an investigation involving abuse against them.

  1. Testify in court

In any case where children are involved in a custody dispute, the Child Custody Lawyer must act on behalf of children by testifying in court that a certain custody arrangement is appropriate. The Child Custody Lawyer must know what’s best for the child and give this testimony based on their knowledge of child development and in line with their client’s wishes.

  1. Collect evidence and information

The Child Custody Lawyer must gather any information and evidence that could be helpful to the case, such as financial reports, school records or medical reports that pertain to the case. A Child Custody Lawyer is also required to help collect evidence relevant to the case while they’re working with their clients.


The Child Custody Lawyer is a very important professional who is required by law to do their job in order to protect and represent children in need. Many people don’t realize that their case may need a lawyer until the Child Custody Lawyer has already done so. The Child Custody Lawyer can help any parent or the guardian of a child through a difficult time, such as when they’re trying to get custody or visitation rights with their own child, and make sure that they are protected and treated fairly.