What To Know About Van Nuys Court Records

Court records are the official documentation of a legal case. They can range from simple reports to extensive narratives that include information on the parties, witnesses, and evidence. Court records are a valuable resource for genealogy purposes and research of critical historical events. However, Van Nuys court records have not been digitized yet and are only available off microfilm or microfiche machines in the Van Nuys courthouse. There is no paywall to access these documents; you need to know where to find one.

Court records were needed to track the debts and families of those who could not work and those who did not have a full-time job. Family courts would decide when a child was “of age” to care for themselves. A child needing discipline due to misbehavior was taken away from their parents and sent to an orphanage. Courts were also used before marriage to prove it was a legal union.

There are three “legal” forums in which to take legal action. The first is the court of law, called the court of law. The state court and the Federal Court’s final form are the second forum. Other courts are rarely used, such as probate courts and special courts, such as orphans’ courts.

Because of the variety of cases handled by different courts, a single court would not use documents from one case with another case. Every document is marked for its intended audience or for disputing parties with certain kinds of hearsay evidence.

There are lists and indexes on each page of the Van Nuys records that can be used to locate any specific document from those pages. There are also indexes of the probate records and lists of all the names of those who appeared in those records.

The California Courts System provides online access to court records for more than 30 counties. This site contains indexes to hundreds of thousands of civil and criminal cases, plus transcripts for about 80 courts in Los Angeles County. Non-criminal civil cases can only be searched using the court’s name as a search term. Criminal cases can be searched using either a case number or county name or both together. This site also contains links to other websites with the digitized version of court documents from California counties that have no online index available.

When using this site, it is essential to carefully read the instructions for using it as there are some pitfalls. For example, the instructions for using the Criminal Case Search page say you can use either a case number or a county name. However, if you use both together, it will not return anything.

There are many websites dedicated to family trees and genealogy that have information on the people involved in the Van Nuys Court Records. One site is geni.com, which contains a vast amount of information on people as well as their families and ancestors. This website has links to other sites with more information on specific history, ancestry, relationships, and descendants.